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My son Christofer has been having lessons at Hebron Piano School for nearly 2 years now and absolutely loves it. The teachers are extremely professional and knowledgable in their teaching style. They are warm and friendly in their communications and are definitely fostering a lifelong appreciation of music in my son.  We would highly recommend them to anyone who would like to learn piano. We appreciate their support enormously.

Clare Nicholas-Williams


Learning to play the piano is a valuable and enjoyable skill. At Hebron Piano School, we create an environment that nurtures, educates and encourages learners to do their best and find real enjoyment in music making.

We use a unique teaching method that enables children as young as four to read and play music, well before they normally read the written word. Click below to find out more!

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"Everyone is born with music in them, it just needs tapping into occassionally"

Lisa Childs

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Hebron Piano School, Hirwaun Road, Cwmdare, Aberdare CF44 9AF, UK

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