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Our success at Hebron Piano School is due to The Lisa Childs Method that we use with all beginners. The method was developed by Lisa Childs to enable her daughter, Valerie, to learn to play the piano from a very young age. By the age of fifteen, Valerie had become an international concert pianist.

The method brings the mysteries of notation down to a level that even a three year old can understand. Through the use of colour as an added aid, the method focuses on reading music by intervals rather than note names so that young children are able to read music before they know the alphabet! This ensures that once the colour is removed, the transition into reading traditional notation is a natural process.

At Hebron Piano School, the method has been well tested over the past forty years. Children as young as five have sat their first ABRSM examination with high marks. Some go on to study music further at college or university. Some have become composers, performers or teachers. Many choose different careers but benefit from their musical background.

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