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A Place to Thrive and Learn a Skill You Love

Learning to play the piano is a valuable and enjoyable skill. At Hebron Piano School, we create an environment that nurtures, educates and encourages learners to do their best and find real enjoyment in music making.

The school is based in Aberdare, in the Cynon Valley. The premises are situated in a pleasant and convenient spot with a large private car park available. With several teaching rooms and a small team of hand-picked staff, there is a real sense of energy, excitement and community at the School. People travel from all the surrounding valleys to benefit from the unique method of teaching we offer.

We use a unique teaching method that enables children as young as four to read and play music, well before they normally read the written word. Parents often follow the method along with their child at home and make good progress behind the scenes! Adults who come for lessons themselves are often playing with both hands in the second, if not the first, lesson.  

Beginners are normally taught in small groups, providing opportunity for interactive learning, group motivation and new friendships. This, combined with regular practice at home, makes learning the piano a truly rewarding experience.

As progress is made, pupils have the opportunity to sit ABRSM exams which are held on the premises, in comfortable surroundings using a familiar piano.

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I began lessons with Dana Mitchell in Hebron just over two years ago as I wanted to refresh my knowledge of music, with the aim of performing simple pieces in school assemblies. I was 33 when I began lessons, having only learned simple songs at home with my mother when I was young. 

After a matter of months at Hebron, I was hooked on learning more skilled pieces and techniques. Dana has been hugely supportive and inspirational from the off, and supported me to quickly work through grade 3,4 and 5 pieces. 

I have since then worked with Rebecca on music theory, which was passed with distinction, and grade 6 and 7 performance pieces. 

It is always exciting listening to and learning from all of the tutors at Hebron. As a learner, it has been extremely beneficial to learn practise techniques from professional performers. 

I would heartily recommend Hebron Piano School, no matter what age or ability you are. Whether you want to learn for pleasure or work through gradings. 





Young beginners are often taught in a pair, or a small group of three, with lessons lasting 45 minutes. They then progress to single lessons (usually half an hour) when needed. Single lessons are also available for new starters if best suited to the individual. During the pandemic we are teaching online Zoom lessons which have proved to be very successful, with pupils making excellent progress.


At Hebron Piano School we usually follow local school term dates. Lessons are payable in advance at the start of each half term.


A piano or keyboard is needed at home so that pupils can practise and make progress. Books will also need to be purchased from time to time, and these are supplied direct through the School.


A theory course is offered to pupils when they reach Grade 4 standard, so that they can sit the Grade 5 theory exam (previous grades are marked internally) which is required before being able to move onto Grade 6. This is taught in a group separate from the practical lessons, and usually takes about 18 months to complete.

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